“I have sugar gliders and had to have a recent rescue of mine neutered. The staff was super friendly and nice. Grace was an amazing vet tech and of course Dr. was great too. Neuter was reasonably priced and they even texted me a pic while in recovery. Highly recommend this clinic. Will also be taking my 3 geriatric dogs here too!”
-Alli G., Facebook

“I have had 2 great experiences with this vet group. I have a 2 year old rabbit and 10 year old Jack Russell. Everyone handled both my pets safely and with lots of love and care. My rabbit is feeling much better and the annual check up went very well for my dog. My dog was relaxed enough to lie on his blanket on the floor while waiting on the rabbit exam and my rabbit enjoyed dandelion treats they offered him. The cost is reasonable and detailed receipts are provided. I will continue to bring them my little loved ones.”
-Missy K., Google

“Dr. Verwers has been my vet for about three years now. He is great at treating animals, but if you are wanting someone with a great bedside manner, someone who tells you your pet is perfect, then this may not be the vet for you. He is very knowledgeable about many species of animals and has been helpful with my many pets, as well as my rescues, but he does tell it like it is. If your pet is overweight, he will let you know, but will also make suggestions on how to help your pet be more energetic and feel better. You will gleam all kinds of information if you ask questions and have a conversation with the vet.
By the way, his office employees and vet techs are wonderful.”
-Linda H., Yelp

“If you are looking for well-educated, knowledgeable and friendly staff from the front desk to the vet tech to the veterinarian, this is the place for you. It you like the vet to spend time with you and explain all the how’s and why’s of the treatment plan you cannot beat Ridglea West Animal Hospital. I have been searching for a new vet after my lifetime vet retired and I most certainly found my new vet. I’m telling you, you cannot beat this place and that includes low cost as well!”
-Robin J., Facebook

“Recently took Cootie our cat for emergency surgery and the care she received was amazing! She recovered fast and was brave through the ordeal only because she was treated with loving caring staff. (She’s always hid and ran from people). Thank you so much for everything from Dr to reception!”
-Gloria B., Google

“This vet has changed our life quite literally. We have a large older dog who’s health had drastically gone down hill. She couldn’t be left alone as she would tear up the house and shake out of anxiety and loss of cognition. A friend referred us to RW Animal Hospital. He changed our dogs diet and put her on Zikene for her anxiety. Seriously folks. Within 3 weeks, we got our old dog back. We don’t have baby gates up any more, it’s wonderful. She’s an active dog again  doing things that active dogs do! Her quality of life is so much better. We won’t be going anywhere else!”
-Spring C., Yelp

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“We have some feeder bin rat babies that have been fighting URI since we got them. Yogurt, my boy rat is doing good and is finally off his medicine but my girl Princess Peach has had a few set backs. I truly believe this vet and staff is the reason she has made it this far. We have a weekly visit for her at the moment and I have had to call outside of those visits for help or to ask questions as I am new to pet rats. I am so greatful we found this Clinic because they have been nothing less than amazing.”
-Lea P., Facebook

“The entire staff of Ridglea West is so great and caring. They are knowledgeable and truly caring!
Our bird went right to the doc and staff trusting them which truly surprised me! I can’t say enough great things about the doc and staff.”
-Jeannine W., Google

“Everyone was very helpful and kind. Very much relating to me and my best friend. The Doc is a gentle giant with a sense of humor and a sense of urgency to make things better. My best friend was treated like “their own”. That’s all you should have to know. That’s all I ever wanted. That’s exactly what I got.”
-TJ H., Yelp

“I love this place! The staff are nice and helpful. They actually listen to what is going on with your pet and they show that they care. I don’t go in very often, only when my pets aren’t well and they remember each of my cats that have been brought in. The Vet himself is very knowledgeable and confident. He doesn’t try to sell you crap that you don’t need and is truly concerned about your pets well-being and health. He is patient and explains his diagnosis and helps educate on how to be a better pet parent. Some may not like that, but I think it’s wonderful because it’s all about the health and well-being of the animals and we don’t always do what’s best for our pets, even when we think we are! I haven’t gone anywhere else since I found this place and don’t plan on it, either. I’ve recommended this place to a friend who needed a vet and she also loved how they operate! Thanks to the staff and vet!
-Jessica P., Facebook

“We were treated with respect, and our dogs were cared for thoroughly. [The Doctor] did spend more time teaching us how to care for our pets than we have ever heard from any other vet. I can see where this may contribute to some people’s negative perceptions. However, we value him taking the time and risking offending us in order to give us the opportunity to provide the best life possible for our pets. Anyone w training and skill can diagnose and treat illness. This vet genuinely cares about a pet’s life experience, and helps you learn what to do to help that happen. He also saved us a lot of money. He was recommended to us after we had to take both our dogs to vets for emergency treatment all in one day. They were both recommended treatment plans that would have cost thousands for one dog and hundreds for another. His total cost for both dogs was a little over a hundred. We left comforted, informed, and confident. Many thanks to that whole team!”
-Wendy G., Google

“Dr. V is great. Very gentle with all my animals. He will tell you if your animal needs a procedure he has not done in a long time and will recommend a more skilled vet if needed. I trust him and his excellent staff completely.”
-Judy A., Yelp