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Date of Passing: 02/16/2021

Scootie came to me from a former client of mine who went to a memory care center. She wanted me to have him to love and love him I did. He had only three legs because of a congenital birth defect but that didn’t stop him from running all over. He had this habit of sticking his rear end up in the air and his face down and scooting all over. He could also go backward which is something I have never seen another dog do. I was lucky to be his next owner and when he contracted CHF I did everything in my power to make sure he had his meds on time each and every day of his life. I called him my sweet boy and his nickname was Shugie. He brought me such joy while he was with me. He spent every night of his life in bed with me and was my constant companion. I know he is not suffering now but I miss him terribly.

-Sheila Steele